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SE Rising is highly knowledgeable about the market for green products and helped get our eco-friendly toothbrushes into stores from California to Alabama. We were thrilled to find a company that is sensitive to the needs of an ambitious, family owned business such as ourselves. We know our unique product could be a household name. SE Rising believes in companies like us, and we in turn, believe in them. Brush with Bamboo

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How B2B Sourcing


  • Paperwork

  • Exclusivity

  • High shipping costs from distant locations

  • Unethical, low-quality manufacturing

  • Expensive and margin busting

How B2B Sourcing is with

SE Rising

  • No Paperwork

  • Order your entire inventory in minutes

  • Flexible

  • Ethical and transparent

  • Save up to 90% on sourcing costs

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